What can i do with this Domain Name:

Use it for:

Company / Startup Website

Private Website or Blog

Forward to your Social Media Account

Marketing Campaigns

Landing Pages

Monthly Subscription

Pay per Month - 14,99$

We will request payment each 30 Days by PayPal

Yearly Subscription

Pay Yearly

We will request payment each Year

Price Upon Request


How do i pay?

- Payments requested by PayPal each Month.

Can i cancel any time?

Yes, just send us an email that you don´t want to use it next month.

Do you send Payment Reminders?

- Yes we send 2 Payment reminders to your submitted Email Address:

First Reminder: 5 Days before end of Monthly Period

Second Reminder: 24 Hours before Monthly Period Ends

What happens if i don´t pay?

- The Domain Name will be available again for other Customers.

Can i get a refund?

No, after Payment, you can use the domain for 1 Month.

Just send us an email that you don´t want to use it next month.

Can i forward this Domain to my Hosting?

-Yes, just send us the nameservers and we do the setup.

Can i forward this Domain to any Page?

Yes, let us know to which destination you like us to point the Domain to.

Can i resell this Domain?


If i pay for this Domain, can anyone else use this Domain?

No, as long as you pay your Subscription Plan, no one else can use this Domain.

This Domain is unique and only 1 Time available. First come - First Served!

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